Irrigation Efficiency is the Answer

As Texas grapples with its growing water needs, all eyes are on agriculture. is your resource for detailed data on the best ways to manage water in surface water districts using the latest technology, and for research-tested on-farm irrigation practices that can increase profit while saving water.

The Texas AWE research team spent 10 years testing different strategies for maximizing water efficiency in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Now we have conclusive evidence of what works and what doesn’t in the quest to do more with less when it comes to ag water. Click here for an overview.

Major findings from the Texas Project for Ag Water Efficiency

  • Substantial opportunities for ag water conservation lie in more efficient management of irrigation district conveyance systems, which can significantly reduce losses and more accurately deliver water to producers.
  • The biggest return on investment comes from installing low-cost, off-the-shelf technology to monitor, measure and direct water flow in an irrigation district’s infrastructure.
  • On the farm, the low price of raw water reduces the financial incentive for producers to invest in tried and true, but often more expensive, on-farm irrigation technologies.
  • The most realistic strategies for on-farm water conservation involve efficiencies in managing how and when water is applied to crops. Smart irrigation practices like Narrow Border Flood can improve crop quality and net profit while saving water.