Efficient Ag Water Practices


Managing Water in the District »

The reality is that most water waste in irrigation occurs in the delivery systems, not on-farm. The key to conserving water on-farm is to make irrigation district operations more efficient. By better managing their conveyance systems, surface water irrigation districts can significantly reduce their water losses and more efficiently deliver water to producers.

HID has researched, tested and analyzed multiple methods for saving water. The biggest water savings come from HID’s use of tailor-made yet inexpensive technology to manage the process of moving about 52,000 acre-feet of water...


Managing Water On-Farm »

For many farmers, the low price of water makes investment in more efficient yet often more expensive irrigation technologies unlikely. So Texas AWE has focused on finding readily achievable means of conserving water on-farm that involve modifying current practices rather than promoting completely new ways of irrigating.

And in the process, the project has documented low-cost methods for managing on-farm water that actually improve product quality and enhance net farm income.